Birding Norfolk

Thee did the Powers by intelligent scrutiny, mark on the map as the place for a prize; sought thee for waders and found in astonishment, warblers fresh in from Siberia's skies.

Update 2nd March 2016

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Been extremely busy of late, as I’m currently writing a couple of papers and one has a deadline of Friday! I also have taken on a lot of teaching which is cutting two midweek days out of my schedule, thus not a lot of birding lately. Though, this has allowed me to become more involved with the garden birds (been writing from home a lot as I find it easier at times).

Outside of this I’ve managed a visit to the Brecks for the first time this year, grabbing LSW, Willow Tit, and a 2CY Goshawk on my first effort – along with all the usual delights it has to offer. I’ve also spent a whole day up on the Heath watching 4 Dartford Warblers, including some song flighting action from the males. Whilst here I spent a lot of time watching at least 6 Buzzards soaring and displaying in the relative warmth of midday. Is anything as free as a soaring bird of prey on a still, clear day…

IMG_1962 2.jpg

Author: Kayn Forbes

Norfolk birder and PhD student.

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